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Reasons for wanting a tree removed varies from person to person. Some reasons include the tree being diseased and no longer producing leaves, or the tree could be a host to many parasites and pests after an infection. In worse case scenarios, the tree in question could be ready to fall over after a major thunder storm. This poses extreme health risks and should be attended to immediately. Whatever the case may be, tree removal is one of our top specialties. Tree Removal is the act of cutting down a tree via tree surgeon tools. This may include the act of cable and bracing to secure the tree in question for safe removal procedures. After we’ve secured the tree to make sure it can’t cause any damage or harm to your property, we will begin to diagnose how it should be taken down. For shorter trees we could use an axe to reduce debris and sound pollution. In case of much larger trees we will take to it with a chainsaw, and begin cuts from the top, all the way down to the bottom till theres nothing but stump left. When we get to the bottom we will start the clean up process. This includes using a chipper to get rid of every chunk of chopped down tree, and then perform a stump removal. We will of course, get rid of all debris and leftover wood remnants, free of charge. We consider it a necessary part of the package for satisfaction. With a quick, accurate assessment, high quality tools, skilled tree surgeons, and on point arborists, we would like to recommend our services to you, we are perfectly confident that the day you share with us will end with a smile.