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The landscaping on your home’s lawn is one of the most defining features, as it sets the tone of your comfort zone from the outside. Many home owners and enthusiasts often take on the task of caring for their shrubs and trees without knowing in advance how much of the science and biology behind the reason to tree pruning. At first many may think that it is completely aesthetic and serves no other purpose then to redefine the look of the tree or shrub in question. This is not false, it just isn’t the full purpose. The full purpose of tree pruning is to make it not only aesthetically pleasing, but to promote the correct growth of the tree and its branches. Cutting off the wrong branch could result in branch spurts where they shouldn’t, often out of inconvenient sections of the tree. Or in a more drastic event, it could even take away part of the tree’s life span. In terms of safety, branches are also often removed if they pose a threat. For example, an incorrect pruning is performed and a bigger main branch starts to have a growth spurt, as the nutrients normally attracted to where the now lost branch is, now finds its way to another branch and grows a whole new one out of any random direction it wills to. This is why it is important to hire a professional Tree Service company for your pruning needs.