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Why You Should Choose Us for Your Brooklyn Tree Service

Hello, and welcome to Brooklyn Tree Medic, the number one Tree Service in Brooklyn, New York. Nature holds much beauty in it’s trees, shrubs, and overall greenery. We specialize in a bunch of tree services including:

  • Tree Pruning & Trimming
  • Branch Cutting
  • Stump Removal & Grinding
  • Storm Damaged Tree Cleanups
  • Lot Clearing/Land Clearing
  • Tree Planting & Transplanting

Do you have a tree that has been diseased, damaged, or does it pose a threat at all during a storm if it were to be put up against extremely powerful winds? Are the branches of the trees in your backyard looking a little lanky? Do you ever wish you could just get rid of that age-old tree stump that’s been there since you moved in? We have the solution. Here at Brooklyn Tree Medic we make customer satisfaction and happiness our number one priority. How do we achieve such a result? By forging a team of tree surgeons that have mastered the craft of tree and shrub surgery, along with taking customer service to a whole new level. This includes affordable, efficient rates for the home owner as well full disclosure on any topic you can think of, being punctual to all appointments, and above all else treat each and every client with respect and a happy attitude that says “We’re here for you”.

Your Happiness Is Our Number One Priority


We do not charge any extra rate to remove the debris and leftover stump after a tree removal or pruning. Its on the house! Our team will keep you up to date on the job you have appointed us to. We work with a trained arborist on site at all times so we can be scientifically and biologically accurate with every cut we make. This is to ensure the growth or safe removal of a tree or its branches in question. Our trained tree surgeons can answer any and all questions you have as we go through the process of improving your property any way you see fit. We will also openly discuss tips on how to treat your trees and shrubs so they can survive as efficiently as possible. This means telling you about possible threats during different seasons, as well as explaining how threats can be identified and taken care of. In addition to this, how diseased trees can be treated and spotted when diseased.

Tree Pruning Services In Brooklyn, New York

Tree pruning is the act of shortening branches and sometimes cutting some off completely, in order to aesthetically please the home owner, and to improve the natural growth of the tree in question. The reason why we specify that tree pruning is a specialty is because each tree can have a different possible growth format in accordance to the way branches are grown and cut. It is imperative that you contact professional tree surgeons for this as pruning a tree the wrong way by doing it yourself may result in unwanted growth such as oddly fused branches growing where they shouldn’t. Trees, like humans, have certain needs and building blocks to reach their maximum health in life and to produce the most oxygen as possible. This means ridding it of any dead branches, that do not pose as good for it’s growth.

Tree Removal Services In Brooklyn, New York


Tree removal is a necessity sometimes. Trees may be removed for various reasons. For example, a tree has been tilted on its side after a severe rain and thunder storm last night, and it is moderately close to your home, tilting in its direction. Are you going to risk having the tree fall through your roof and into someone’s bedroom? Of course not! Its just not safe. And that’s one of our biggest protocols here at Brooklyn Tree Medic. Safety. We never take down a tree until we are certain that we all have our proper safety gear and safety tools present, as well as making sure your property won’t get damaged. You may also want a tree removed just due to it being an eye soar, or it might be blocking sunlight from entering your herb and vegetable garden perhaps? Either way, we’re on the job no matter what, looking to help you with whatever we can to make you happy.

Why Hire Brooklyn Tree Medic?

You might be asking, but why choose Brooklyn Tree Medic? The answer is simple; We are a team of well devoted arborists and tree surgeons that are looking to give you the affordable alternative, while providing excellent service, and keeping in mind that the customer is always number one. Satisfaction is the name of the game, and with our team holding a wide range of experience in their field, we are confident that we can put a smile on your face at the end of the day.